The Grove Archive is a documentary archive, spanning the time period from April to December 2016.

The material in this archive comes from the Preconditions phase and Cycle 1 of a next-generation social lab, Grove 3547.

The name Grove 3547 refers to a historic part of the South Side of Chicago known as Bronzeville sitting between 35th and 47th street.

Grove 3547 was initiated as a partnership between The Chicago Community Trust and Roller Strategies.

Grove demonstrates that coalitions of diverse actors can effectively come together to address the many challenges faced by the residents of Chicago. The core challenge that Grove focuses on is:

How can we work together to support young people in Chicago to develop resilient livelihoods?

To help the work go further, faster, we’re opening the archive of resources and stories under creative commons license, so that other people can build on the work.


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Grove 3547 started in 2016, following the ‘On The Table’ project by The Chicago Community Trust.

The basic timeline of the project was as follows:






If you’re keen to get in touch with Roller Strategies about this social lab, or any of the resources on this site, please contact us here: