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Lab Cycle Diagrams

The first cycle of Grove3547 ran for a four month period. This period is what we call “one cycle” or a Minimum Viable Lab. While very short, this allows enough time to demonstrate the process and generate value within the system. This diagram shows the birds-eye-view breakdown of activities over the four month period including specific workshops each month and then the monthly sprints where prototyping teams are working independently to test out the latest versions of the prototypes.

The repeating cycles of a lab look something like this:

This is a full, detailed timeline of one cycle including preconditions:


The end
The end

Grove Launch: The Kick-off and First Sprint

The Kick-off workshop took place September 7-9, 2016, at The Rebuild Foundation’s Black Cinema House in Greater Grand Crossing, Chicago.

This was the first workshop with lab participants and constituted the official launch of the lab. The Kick-off introduced participants to the Lab process and each other. They engaged in systems thinking exercises to help them deepen their understanding of the social system and its issues, and self-organized into five prototyping teams that would carry them through the rest of the activities in the cycle.

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The Grove Kick Off Workshop

The Kick-off Orientation Pack is the information packet that lab participants were given at the kickoff workshop.



Kick-off Facilitator Agenda is a detailed breakdown of the Hosting and Facilitation Teams’ timeline for the kickoff workshop. It highlights timings, processes and notes for the team to consider and keep in mind during the workshop. Agendas like this were usually designed in advance, and then iterated a number of times before and during the process to adjust and adapt to the shifting context within the group and the project.



The Kick-off Evaluation Form was given to participants at the close of the Kick-off workshop to gague their experience and offer feedback to the Hosting Team.



The Kick-off Workshop Report details the proceedings of the Kick-off workshop. It provides information from the different sessions of the workshop, and highlights the processes and some of the methods used during the three days.



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Learning Journeys

Learning Journeys were used during the Kick-off Workshop to deepen the lab participants’ and hosting team’s understanding of the social system they are working to impact. A learning journey is really just an an informal, loosely structured visit with a local organization, person or place. It is an opportunity to understand what challenges and opportunities are arising in the system and to get an inside perspective into the specific context of the social challenge at hand.

Grove3547 teams visited City Hall, The Juvenile Detention Center, a local Bronzeville cultural historian, Mikva Challenge (a local youth empowerment organization), and other locations during their Learning Journeys.


The Learning Journey Protocol was given to Learning Journey participants for guidance during their Learning Journey.



The Learning Journey Guide for Hosts provides information for organizations that have agreed to host a learning journey, providing a little guide so they know what to expect and what is being requested of them.



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